Posted on Jan 6, 2013 in Fashion & Beauty

Okay yes I am a Maxxinista. I shop at TJ Maxx and I love it, it’s affordable and most of the time you can find some great stuff. Sometimes it sucks and there just isn’t anything worth buying, and sometimes it depends on the store. I’ve been to several different TJ Maxx’s and some are better than others.

For example my favorite purses I’ve ever gotten at TJ Maxx came from New York City stores, but some of favorite shoes came from a TJ Maxx in West Virginia. It varies by location, why? I don’t know. But I can’t say I mind it gives variety so you don’t feel like when you walk into an Old Navy or an American Eagle and every store is exactly the same. While familiarity is good sometimes, other times I like to mix it up and be surprised and have to search a little to find a real winner.

My most surprising find to date is a Calvin Klein faux suede caplet. I am a strong believer that the poncho has died and caplets are kind of just the next generation of ponchos but I really do love this caplet. It’s so cute and yes I have to wait three seasons before it will be acceptable to wear, but in the fall it will definitely be the statement piece in my wardrobe.

Another great thing I’ve found in TJ Maxx is my decorative wall hanging. It is a large metal flower with stones in the center. It’s been on my apartment wall for two years now and I still get compliments about it.

Whether it’s clothes, shoes, kitchen wares, or bedding TJ’s has it all and I am not ashamed to admit that I am a Maxxinista!

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